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FACS Facilty

Our Department runs a flow cytometric cell sorter (BD FACSAriaTMIII).

The high end sorter is equipped with 4 lasers (375, 488, 561, 633 nm) and therefore allows sorting of cells even if the analyses template is complicated.

Highest priority for service will be given to research associates of a user community of the Medical Faculty of Saarland University and members of the CRC 894.

Other research groups are welcome to contact the head of the facility (Elmar Krause, Email: elmar.krauseukseu).

Detailed terms and conditions of use are given by a “Nutzungsordnung” (in German) which you can download here.

Supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG) (INST 256/346-1 FUGG).

FACS Facility